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I just had to repost my post from facebook.

This is such a clear part of the work we do at SpiralKinetics. This is one of the reasons I created Spiral Kinetics:

Watch    :


So that, whether you are a Man or a Woman… at age 80, 90, and more …you can continue to do all the things you enjoy.

Like this.


Wouldn’t that be great for us all?



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This is SpiralKinetics – Your very own Primer

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Hi. You know me. I’m the guy who keeps talking about “Spiral Kinetics” online. An advanced exercise system. Kinda sweet name. But does it mean anything?

Maybe. Let’s explore it from its tiny, little, inception.

If you’re concerned with your fitness you are like me. You care about how you LOOK in your body, how you deeply FEEL in your body, and how you PERFORM in your body. They are ALL important. And they are all meaningful to our lives. When I worked as a trainer I watched the all the different types of techniques there were for health and fitness. They were all good…. but really one dimensional. Very linear. Very booooooring. I was personally so bored that I stopped working out completely for years so I could step back and just take a look at what was out there. None of it addressed the three things that I described above. Not directly anyway (sometimes it just happened through sheer luck). So I studied the problem. It just didn’t make sense to workout hard in one fashion…. and then use the body during the day in another. This seemed to be the reason so many people got injured. This was the discrepancy.

Then “functional” movement came along. This was BETTER! Alright…. everyone’s doing yoga and functional movement. Now I can….. Nope. This was still not right. We have a number of two dimensional movement systems now (some of them very old)….. but that cannot be the whole story. So I sat back again and waited (You’re getting of tired waiting with me….yeah? That’s how I was too).

Then I took a flight out to Saint Croix. One of those Virgin islands in the caribbean that you never want to return from. Here’s my advice…. do NOT fly standby. The ticket isn’t much cheaper and it can be a teriffic mistake. They can bump you for anything….. including looking like a Dodger fan. I did. So they bumped me for three days. It was actually spring break and my layover was in Puerto Rico. There was no way to get a flight back to the U.S.A…. so, being stuck with nothing to do…. in Puerto Rico (I know, you’ve not an iota of sympathy for me here) I began to experiment. I dove deep into our anatomy. How does a joint move? What are its possibilities…..? Not just what have I been told. And if I…. Ah ha! that was it. Suddenly there was a lot of writing and note taking. Most of the muscles in the body are built on diagonals. Not straight lines. So a three dimensional movement system began to crawl out from the womb (with a great tan).

When we move… We do not move in a liner fashion. The connections of the muscles are not central…. but medial or lateral in most cases. This means that the lines of pull are not central as well. Well now, how can we train this way?

This is the beginning of understanding Spiral Kinetics™. Our bodies want a full range of ability. The joints want three dimensional motion. Incredible physical therapists knew this and began teaching it. But… it had to come out of the closet, leave the clinicians office and become accessible to the mainstream. It needs to be an easy system that anyone can use to HONE their complete body and teach their muscles to move full and fluidly…. so they can feel complete.

This is one of the keys to this comprehensive movement system/Spiral Kinetics™. This complete use of the muscle in multiple dimensions. We teach you to use and exhaust the possibilities of each joint and then…. your body is simply ready for anything. And it looks it! I’ve designed it so it literally addresses the tips of your toes all the way to the top of your head.

So what does this all actually give you? Well….. the muscles pull the bones into alignment (or out of alignment if they are not properly programmed). So your entire body becomes more aligned. Your posture rights itself…. providing a stronger foundation for the muscles to ride on. This gives you greater strength and ability. When the bones are correctly aligned secondary muscles can relax. Oh yes…..Ahhhh…… getting rid of that tightness. Especially in your traps (shoulders). Frozen joints, muscle imbalances, movement with greater ease and efficiency, longevity, power… from nothing to intensity, and so much more. Because I didn’t stop there. There are many healing techniques in this system, and coaching methods to get you aligned with you, in a deeper way… including very specific techniques that “clean” your neurological system for greater ease, high focus and ability.

Why all this depth? Because I finally wanted one system that did it all. One that could be used in the real world and prove itself to help others. I call it the Future of Fitness.

Spiral…. Kinetics.

Any questions? 🙂 Email me … let’s begin the conversation.

Become part of the Thrivolution™




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The SpiralKinetic™ Body Series: Let’s get rid of joint pain

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Joint Pain. Huge topic. This is a blog so I am not going to go after all the ways it manifests and dissolves. It can take a lot to get rid of it. There are systems, from foam rolling, to massage, to energy work that can help. If done correctly it can even go away… sometimes permanently. Check out the video:

These are the patterns we are looking for. They do keep us in a state of functioning, which is good, but not in a state of optimum health, excellence, and evolution, which is bad. Additionally, we must address these patterns BEFORE we dive into a joint to dissolve the complete injury. Begin to look into the methods that are out there. And do not go to one practitioner forever. If you had some healing and it plateaued with one practitioner leave and go to another. You want freedom from pain and freedom for movement. Don’t rest until you have it.

There is a system of moving through each level and layer that we use at TGS and SpiralKinetics. It not only cleans up your physicality  but your neurological fitness system as well. I can show it to you if you wish. Feel free to inquire –


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Breathing Tip-ology

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Welcome to the first step in breathing. Breath is a vast topic….. wide and deep. Yet we take it for granted or we are taught 2-3 things about it and then believe we understand it and let it do its thing in the background. Breathing….. is what you do every moment of every day. So it may kind-of be hugely important. Here’s a quick taste of some things to be aware of for your viewing edification:



As always… contact me for more information to learn more and MAXIMIZE your personal experience.

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Walk all over.. You.

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I’ve got two recommendations for you right now…. Walk more, and Walk right! Both hugely important for  your health and, in ways you haven’t imagined, your evolution.

Let’s start with walk more. This is a subset of move more. Move. Very simple. Find excuses. Anywhere. Everywhere. Stand instead of sit. Walk instead of stand. Walk faster when you can. Chase a dog. Let a dog chase you. The more you’re on your feet the more fat you burn. The more you walk the more you keep your muscles intact, flowing, in lubricated operation. Its not going for a walk that is the key. Its being in a walking state as often as possible that makes the difference. Its the subtle movements in our life that make all the difference to our body. They are our fitness foundation. So what is your fitness foundation like right now? You find the time to be on your feet…. or on the seat?

Now that’s the simple. Here’s a bit more: Walking is a complicated collaboration of symphonic movement. From the lift of the foot, to its travel through the air, to its strike on the ground, and the sweep beneath your body… it is a series of choreographed contractions that give rise to your locomotion. Often this locomotion can be derailed by bad habits and patterns.

These show up in all our lower extremity pains. Ankles, knees, hips, toes, the bottoms of our feet, and even into our back, shoulders, and neck. Yep. All these body parts contribute to or diminish your walk, and if they are not dialed in correctly ….. we want to walk less.

See, its easy for someone (like me) to tell you to move more. Move more. But if there are aches, pains, discomforts, or internal fears of certain movement patterns you will instead find excuses to stop and sit. Anyone would. And that is where correcting movement patterns is vital.

Let’s take your left leg and foot for example. The toes, heal, knee, and hip. Each time you lift your left foot the pull of certain muscles within your  joints creates the action. But the creative wisdom of our bodies makes it possible for many linked muscles trains to actually accomplish this task. Too many. Variations of the movement that we see from the outside are born under the skin from mis-patterned muscles that you can’t imagine. All we need is one mispull on the kneecap…. and issues like chondromalasia patellae are off and running. Like the princess and the pea. In the short term this is safe. But over time…  the mis-patterning becomes discomfort. Discomfort becomes pain, and pain becomes injury. To add insult to this injury.. now what is your right foot and leg doing while all this is happening to the left? All this and more occurs during walking.

There is one optimal muscle train that does each job for us 100% correct. And that train is the thread of gold that we are looking for.

Not only does it save you from injury, pain, and discomfort…. but it actually is part of the SpiralKinetic™ foundation for evolution. When your body knows how to move in an optimal state…. you embody more of your you… every day. Your comfort inside of your skin, even if you are not feeling pain or discomfort in that instant, is vital for us to build on. Build a being that excels in all it does…. unimpeded by physiological distractions. 

So begin to pay attention to the way you walk. How you move. How your foot touches the ground. How you experience your gait. Take some time with it and slow down. Dissect it a bit. You may find some things that you didn’t realize were there…. under the skin… waiting for an injury to occur….  curtailing your joy for walking in the first place…. and stopping you from more of the daily movement that your body loves, craves, and rewards you for.



<This is exactly the work we do here (and more) at SpiralKinetics. Contact if you want to discover what is happening for you. Designing your next steps is our specialty.>


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The SpiralKinetic™ Body Series: Today’s star – The knee

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Hello. Testing. Am I on? Oh, hi. I’m… the knee. Yes, I know. You havent heard from me before. I’m kinda low on the totem pole… so to speak. I only talk to you, some of you, when trouble is afoot (leg humor). When I have just had it with all the agendas, all the running around …. then I speak up and get some respect.

But most often I’m just cruising along here below your hip…. moving only in the sagittal plane. Bending extending, bending exten…. well… not really extending. Ok…. here’s my complaint. You dont ever really extend me. Its always this pseudo-kind-of extension. And then we go right back to bending again. You know what I’d like. What I’d really like?! Stretch the back of me. Oh yeah. Extend me completely. Open up the back of the knee so that my muscles there finally get some freedom. And not just when you’re doing a hamstring stretch. But when you are standing upright. That would be great.

Now, if you’re a person that hyperextends all the time or has an “issue” with one of us…. be careful. Try it slowly… easily…. and not too much. But I will tell you…. us knees…. really want this. Its kind of sexy for us. Strangely enough…. while the back stretches open more, the front closes off more. And muscles that were never shortening and contracting to their fullest in front now get to do just that. Ahhhh…… such joy when you help us out.

If you study us in more detail you’ll find that the distal end of the femur slides on the cartilage/meniscus that is on top of the proximal end of the tibia. If us knees never get completely straight…. we never slide completely into place. You’ll see examples of this when you watch someone walking in high heels and they look somehow “awkward”. So do us a favor…. and straighten those knees!  But never hyperextend us, be careful if you have any injury or pains, and be even incredibly more careful if you are working out with weights.

Alright. I’m done here. Just thought you knee-ded that.

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