Walk all over.. You.

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 | 3 comments

I’ve got two recommendations for you right now…. Walk more, and Walk right! Both hugely important for  your health and, in ways you haven’t imagined, your evolution.

Let’s start with walk more. This is a subset of move more. Move. Very simple. Find excuses. Anywhere. Everywhere. Stand instead of sit. Walk instead of stand. Walk faster when you can. Chase a dog. Let a dog chase you. The more you’re on your feet the more fat you burn. The more you walk the more you keep your muscles intact, flowing, in lubricated operation. Its not going for a walk that is the key. Its being in a walking state as often as possible that makes the difference. Its the subtle movements in our life that make all the difference to our body. They are our fitness foundation. So what is your fitness foundation like right now? You find the time to be on your feet…. or on the seat?

Now that’s the simple. Here’s a bit more: Walking is a complicated collaboration of symphonic movement. From the lift of the foot, to its travel through the air, to its strike on the ground, and the sweep beneath your body… it is a series of choreographed contractions that give rise to your locomotion. Often this locomotion can be derailed by bad habits and patterns.

These show up in all our lower extremity pains. Ankles, knees, hips, toes, the bottoms of our feet, and even into our back, shoulders, and neck. Yep. All these body parts contribute to or diminish your walk, and if they are not dialed in correctly ….. we want to walk less.

See, its easy for someone (like me) to tell you to move more. Move more. But if there are aches, pains, discomforts, or internal fears of certain movement patterns you will instead find excuses to stop and sit. Anyone would. And that is where correcting movement patterns is vital.

Let’s take your left leg and foot for example. The toes, heal, knee, and hip. Each time you lift your left foot the pull of certain muscles within your  joints creates the action. But the creative wisdom of our bodies makes it possible for many linked muscles trains to actually accomplish this task. Too many. Variations of the movement that we see from the outside are born under the skin from mis-patterned muscles that you can’t imagine. All we need is one mispull on the kneecap…. and issues like chondromalasia patellae are off and running. Like the princess and the pea. In the short term this is safe. But over time…  the mis-patterning becomes discomfort. Discomfort becomes pain, and pain becomes injury. To add insult to this injury.. now what is your right foot and leg doing while all this is happening to the left? All this and more occurs during walking.

There is one optimal muscle train that does each job for us 100% correct. And that train is the thread of gold that we are looking for.

Not only does it save you from injury, pain, and discomfort…. but it actually is part of the SpiralKinetic™ foundation for evolution. When your body knows how to move in an optimal state…. you embody more of your you… every day. Your comfort inside of your skin, even if you are not feeling pain or discomfort in that instant, is vital for us to build on. Build a being that excels in all it does…. unimpeded by physiological distractions. 

So begin to pay attention to the way you walk. How you move. How your foot touches the ground. How you experience your gait. Take some time with it and slow down. Dissect it a bit. You may find some things that you didn’t realize were there…. under the skin… waiting for an injury to occur….  curtailing your joy for walking in the first place…. and stopping you from more of the daily movement that your body loves, craves, and rewards you for.



<This is exactly the work we do here (and more) at SpiralKinetics. Contact Lyric@takegiantsteps.com if you want to discover what is happening for you. Designing your next steps is our specialty.>


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