The SpiralKinetic™ Body Series: Let’s get rid of joint pain

Posted on Apr 8, 2013 | 3 comments


Joint Pain. Huge topic. This is a blog so I am not going to go after all the ways it manifests and dissolves. It can take a lot to get rid of it. There are systems, from foam rolling, to massage, to energy work that can help. If done correctly it can even go away… sometimes permanently. Check out the video:

These are the patterns we are looking for. They do keep us in a state of functioning, which is good, but not in a state of optimum health, excellence, and evolution, which is bad. Additionally, we must address these patterns BEFORE we dive into a joint to dissolve the complete injury. Begin to look into the methods that are out there. And do not go to one practitioner forever. If you had some healing and it plateaued with one practitioner leave and go to another. You want freedom from pain and freedom for movement. Don’t rest until you have it.

There is a system of moving through each level and layer that we use at TGS and SpiralKinetics. It not only cleans up your physicality  but your neurological fitness system as well. I can show it to you if you wish. Feel free to inquire –


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