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Posted by on May 10, 2008 | 0 comments

I’ve recently been “hired” by a local gym to discuss management and communication techniques. This is good. I’ll be teaching the trainers there how to find out more effectively what their clients want, what’s holding them back, and what will motivate them to get more involved in their health, wellness, and fitness.

It’s no small task. Trainers are q-u-i-c-k. They work intimately with their clients and people in general. They already understand pretty advanced techniques when it comes to training and relating. They are doing it every day. So it will be a tall task to give them information above and beyond what they already know.

No problem.

Most of the issue occurs around purpose and motivation. Here NLP is a good (although not the sole) technique to use.

First identify what is the exact issue in their way.

Then what type of personality style does that person function underneath? Do they respect more powerful ideas, more intelligent ideas, more heartfelt, or selfish…. ? I’ll teach them how to identify these and then the languaging to use around it.

Then there’s NLP. Here I’ll teach them to understand how to have their client do a simple technique to regain their state of motivation and how being present at their session gets them to their goals. It becomes a direct correlation from action to achievement.

The trainers should be thrilled to receive this. There is nothing more frustrating than to have half a client available during a session, and between sessions. Remember the more you put into your session, the more you get out of it. It is that simple. The more tools a trainer has to elicit and achieve this the better for them and their client.

Plus, I’m going to teach them how to be better employees! But that’s for another blog.

Till next time!



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