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Replacing deep fear with passionate desire

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Fear is a powerful motivator. But what if we replaced it with our greatest desire?

A magic trick? Perhaps it is. So let’s do some magic…

Consciously we know when we’re afraid. Our hearts race. Our minds lock on a target. We see the “thing” that lives at the end of a dark hallway. The troll that claws at the metal under our bed. A person sneaks up behind us and “wham!”. Fists clench. Breath shortens. Eyes bug-out and widen. And we know we’re scared.

But fear also lives within us… behind the scenes. In this form it is not that we are afraid of something consciously, such as getting burnt by a hot stove, but instead we just find we don’t go near stoves again. Its unconscious. It drives us away from things that may have harmed us at one point, have some chance of generally being harmful…. but in actuality may never be. It is our own inner magic trick. “I swear I want to get into a new relationship. Huh….. I just guess its everyone else that’s crazy.”

This is of course what stops forward progression. Its debilitating. Its like the wizard in Oz, behind the curtain, pulling strings and pressing buttons and pushing levers. He’s very real, but it all seems like magic.

Every fear has some kernel of “good” for us. Something that would help us move forward. We may have a fear of heights, or of audiences, or of winged monkeys…..but they all have something to teach us.

When you are not afraid, not in a situation that is freaky, imagine the freaky situation and ask yourself. Simply sit down and begin to inquire..  “so…in the situation where I am normally stuck…. what am I afraid of happening?”. And you will have your first level answer. Follow it. “So if that happens… what am I afraid of happening?” And another answer. And then again….. “So, if that happens….”… and more and more. Following this sequence to the end. Till there are no more answers.

Funny though… when you reach the end you won’t find a fear lurking there…. but a desire. Something that you cherish. One (common) conclusion is simply your life. You reach the end and find that you cherish your life. So that is the place to now start.

Instead of a fear of something…. it is actually a caring for something. The difference in those words is the trick. If you care for something you treat it with regard, with respect, with desire for whatever it needs in the world to be its best. As you bring your creative mind to this thing you’ll find that you have no time for fear, but instead open up the possibility for what could be. Since you are starting from the simplest place possible, your cherishing of your life, there is nothing but more and more to come up with. Fear points us to what we care about. And lets just leave it at that. Once we know what it is that we care about we can make plans from that place and project those plans outward. You could take a child and lock it in its room for a lifetime…. out of fear. Or you can desire for it, and open it up to its own desires…. and teach it to go get them in a healthy and strong way. Whatever was “dangerous” before will practically go away, because… there isn’t time for it. It has been replaced by passion and fruition.

Go get it!

Join me for a deeper discussion on this topic on September 17th at 7Pm pacific time.

This is our first topic…. of so many to come. We’re going to have a good time.

So sign in, sign on, and learn more about your own evolution. Conscious Jam Radio.


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I just had to repost my post from facebook.

This is such a clear part of the work we do at SpiralKinetics. This is one of the reasons I created Spiral Kinetics:

Watch    :


So that, whether you are a Man or a Woman… at age 80, 90, and more …you can continue to do all the things you enjoy.

Like this.


Wouldn’t that be great for us all?



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