Grand opening

Posted on May 3, 2008 | 3 comments

Very excited to be opening this new door. I’ve had Take Giant Steps officially opened for a year now. It’s in great motion but I’ve needed a better way to reach out and share the ideas that make it what it is. Even now as this is being created I am creating my first newsletter. So new mediums mean more information and more information means more evolution for everyone.

Southern california is a hotbed of fitness. People are very aware of the need for Cardio-Vascular health as well as pulmonary. With the air quality being what it is, its no wonder. Making your lungs able to absorb more oxygen and release CO2 (no worries about it being a greenhouse gas) is VERY important here. Not everybody realizes this though. There are many things that get in the way of people accepting exercise into their life.

Caring about the self is a weird animal. Not everyone prioritizes it. This always hits me as strange, being someone that LOVES the exploration of the self and bringing it to its heights of ability. That’s why I work so well and detailed with NLP and depth coaching. It makes it much easier to quickly identify where the conflict is, satisfy it, and slide right past it to what truly is desired.

But what the hell. We can’t have everybody striving for excellence… (I guess?)

Acclimating to SoCal is one hell of an exciting time. Parties are all around, and to be avoided. I’m just not there any more. Too many other important priorities. And that’s just the way I like it.

For the first time I am at one with what I want to do, what I have to do, what I should be doing, and what is my elation here on earth. So next is making a success of it all!

So to sum it up….




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